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Client's Testimonials

"I was under 21 when I was cited for driving under the influence. Mr. Parr won my DMV hearing so that my license wasn't suspended. He then went on to get my court case reduced to a lesser charge and persuaded the judge not to suspend my license. Because of Mr. Parr's experience and persuasiveness, I thankfully still have my driving privilege so I can attend school and work." -Alejandro J., Austin, Texas

"After I was charged with a major felony theft crime, I called Mike based upon a friend's recommendation. After meeting with him for over an hour, I knew he was the one I wanted to represent me. Other lawyers I had spoken with stressed that I was guilty and that they would simply try to minimize the time I would spend in prison. However, Mike was optimistic about my case and what he could achieve for me and never seemed to judge me. After negotiating with the District Attorney, he succeeded in keeping me out of prison. Thanks to Mike, I was able to witness the birth of my first child and get my life back on track." -Armen H., Cedar Park

"I am very grateful for the resolution of my case by Michael Parr. My initial lawyer - the public defender - tried to persuade me to take a 60-day jail offer, acting as if I had no other choice. Upon the recommendation of a co-worker, I hired Mr. Parr, and he aggressively represented me. The result? No jail time! No other lawyer would have fought for me like Mr. Parr did." -Brenda M., Round Rock

"My wife and I were shaken when our son was arrested for felony drug possession. We immediately hired the Law Office of Michael T. Parr. After thoroughly reviewing the evidence, Mr. Parr conducted a series of meetings with the District Attorney's office. He convinced them that there was not enough evidence to convict our son and, to our great relief, all of the charges were dismissed. My son now has a brighter future thanks to Parr's professionalism, hands-on approach, and ability to achieve the desired outcome." -Frederick T., TerryTown

*All of the above referenced clients volunteered to provide a statement as to their individual professional experience with Michael T. Parr.